Company Overview


Craftsmanship is not a lost art.

Donnelly Construction is a leading general contractor, construction manager and property developer. Established in 1977 as a small painting contractor, Donnelly Construction has grown exponentially thanks to a well-earned reputation for excellence, quality, and integrity and a firm commitment to exceeding client expectations. We serve a wide range of commercial sectors, including retail, auto dealerships, medical offices, corporate offices, country clubs, schools and the hospitality industry, as well as luxury residential.

Why choose us?

  • Client focus
  • Superior quality
  • Expert project management
  • Collaboration to ensure a smooth, harmonious project
  • Highly experienced in-house manpower
  • Financial strength
  • Value engineering
Each year since our inception, we have maintained sustainable growth and profitability; even in challenging economic times. Our success is attributed to a conservative fiscal philosophy, hands-on management, quality craftsmanship and consistently exceeding customer expectations.Rod Donnelly, CEO

If the qualities above appeal to you, Donnelly Construction is the right choice for your next construction, construction management, or development project. We have a sterling reputation, earned over nearly 40 years in business, for focusing squarely on our clients’ needs and providing an exceptional product, manufactured to the highest standards at a fair and reasonable cost. There are not many companies of our size with such a long and strong track record. We protect our reputation by doing everything it takes to make sure our clients are happy with every project. Donnelly Construction is a merit shop contractor, bringing the strength of all our resources to every assignment.

These include:

  • Superintendent, a Project Manager and an Account Executive for every project so it gets the time and attention it deserves.
  • The expertise of more than 100 employees, including 60 highly skilled field workers, many of whom have been with us for 25 years.
  • Detailed budgeting services, provided free to our clients.
  • The availability of our comprehensive in-house manpower, which gives Donnelly Construction the ability to self-perform a wide range of trades should the project fall behind due to unforeseen circumstances. We keep the job moving forward, no matter what!
  • Value engineering that helps drive out costs if a project design comes in over budget.
  • Financial strength that assures clients they are working with a company that always lives up to its financial responsibilities. Donnelly Construction’s credit score is ranked in the 95th percentile of all companies in the Dun & Bradstreet database—far exceeding the construction industry national average of 51%!


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