Presentation undergoes massive renovation

Over the last 55 years, Church of the Presentation has grown from a small country parish of 270 families to more than 4,000 families from over 100 zip codes. The parish continues to attract people of all ages, with 200 new families joining the community this past year. While its mission and membership has grown, the physical space lagged behind.

Parish growth has forced Presentation into what is essentially two separate worship spaces. The auditorium, once intended to serve as overflow space, has become a permanent fixture. Additionally, the campus no longer provides enough space for the needs of its growing faith formation programs, ministries or numerous social events.

To further accommodate the influx of new parishioners and bustling parish activity, Presentation is in the midst of a massive renovation and building initiative.

“We are modifying our current worship space to create ‘one church’ without the need to build a new one,” said Father Bob Stagg, pastor of Church of the Presentation. “This plan makes maximum use of infrastructure in place while creating a worship space that reflects our parish mission, i.e., dedication to welcoming others and commitment to future generations. It is the first addition to this parish plant in 28 years.”

Groundbreaking for the renovation was held last November. The project includes a new narthex, or inside gathering space, which will increase from 200 square feet to 3,000 square feet. More pews will be installed, offering parishioners an unobstructed view of the altar. The new façade, visible from the road, will feature a covered walkway and a major entry that is handicapped accessible.

More sacred space is being constructed, including a meditative area for Eucharistic devotions, small group prayer and a comfortable place for parents with active toddlers, as well as a ‘bride’s room.’

Wayne-based Donnelly Construction Company leads the three phase renovation project that costs approximately $7 million. The current phase of the construction should be completed by December with the final stage—the parish’s ministry center—to be completed in 2019.

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