Baltusrol Golf Club

Location Springfield, NJ

Architect Jefferson Group Architects (JGA)

Interior Designer Judd Brown Design (JBD)

Construction type Renovation and Addition

Size 25,000 SF

Project Description

Donnelly Construction has been selected by Baltusrol Golf Club to perform a multitude of projects over the past twenty years. Whether the project has been as small as a restroom remodel, or as large as a new Fitness Center building, we have met the budgetary, schedule, and quality requirements of one of the nation’s most prestigious clubs while keeping the club open and operational during each construction project.

Donnelly Construction was on-site within hours after Baltusrol experienced a fire event in July 2019. We maintained a constant presence on-site, working with the club, architect, and insurance company, to restore approximately 70% of the clubhouse. We cooperated with the club to maintain operations, including supporting temporary facilities, while construction took place and turned over areas for occupancy as they were completed, completing the restoration prior to Opening Day 2020.

“Your team surpassed Baltusrol’s expectations through value engineering and a professional, experienced commitment that stayed focused on the objectives of the projects. The end result on both occasions was the projects were on time and within budget, with great value and appreciation from the membership as well as the staff. In short, the renovations were a home run.”

Kevin P. Vitale, CCM, General Manager

Baltusrol Golf Club