Our Philosophy

For Donnelly Construction, quality is doing the work right the first time. Consistent quality is the result of commitment and participation by all project personnel – this includes the Client, Donnelly Construction’s Project Management Team, Field Personnel, Subcontractors, and Designers. Through systematic and diligent teamwork and attention to detail, we believe that our projects can be completed in conformance with the highest quality standards. Our quality mission is to anticipate and prevent quality issues and non-conformances before they occur, not just to fix them after the fact. To meet these high standards, we believe each project should be addressed in three phases:

  • Pre-Construction Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Close-Out Phase

Good preparation is the key to making a project run smoothly. In the Pre-Construction Phase, we strive to anticipate any issues that are likely to arise over the course of the project and address them ahead of time. In the Construction Phase, we continuously monitor the work to ensure it meets quality standards. Through this system of preparation and continuous monitoring, our goal for the Close-Out Phase at the end of each project is minimal punchlisting or remedial work.

Quality Control Program

Donnelly Construction recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality systems are essential when providing quality cost-effective services to our clients. Our Management Team is committed to providing services that comply fully with the specifications and expectations of our valued clients.

Donnelly Construction’s Quality Control Program guides our policies, standards, and procedures. The purpose of our Quality Control Program is three-fold:

  • To ensure completion of projects meeting the highest quality standards for our customers.
  • To ensure that we deliver best-in-class services to our customers while creating a competitive advantage.
  • To provide guidelines to our employees and subcontractors about our quality policies, standards, and procedures.

The proper execution of this Quality Control Program is achieved through an interdisciplinary effort, starting from Senior Management, Quality Control Officer, and Project Manager, down to the Project Superintendent and Field Employees.