Our comprehensive service roster encompasses every facet of Construction, Construction Management, and Development. Whether you are a direct client or a contractor, be assured that we apply the same rigid standards of quality and integrity to every project we undertake.


Donnelly Construction takes a holistic and systematic approach to the preconstruction phase to help maximize the value of your time and money.

The traditional approach to preconstruction limits client services to an estimate, a schedule, and a logistics plan. Donnelly Construction’s approach extends these into a system of tools that creates a more holistic and predictable preconstruction process, helping you achieve better results and generate greater value.

Through our preconstruction services, we set our customers up for a successful, cost-efficient project. We organize preliminary meetings to determine the project scope, schedule, and cost, as well as to identify potential issues and analyze cost impacts. Our preconstruction services include budgeting, estimating, evaluations, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, subcontracting, constructability reviews, procurement management, safety analysis, and more. Our staff provides guidance on the selection of materials, building systems, equipment, and methods of project delivery.


Donnelly Construction works with all parties involved in a project to ensure an optimal result. We value two things above all else: our clients’ satisfaction and our more than 45-year reputation for excellence.

Our integrated approach to managing and executing construction projects ensures a harmonious and productive workflow, even on the most complex jobs. While some construction companies do not get involved in a project until the plans are completed, we work with clients, their architects, and their engineers to gain a holistic understanding of the job and the client’s vision. We then collaborate with all parties involved throughout the project to ensure the optimal result.


When you want to transform your current facility, Donnelly Construction will deliver a safe and productive environment to give you room to grow.

A physical space is so much more than just a building—it is a vital part of your organization’s identity and where your business gets done. As organizations evolve, their facilities need to change and grow with them. Donnelly Construction’s renovation services can help transform your current facility into a modern space that provides a comfortable, dynamic, and practical environment that fits your needs and gives you room to expand. We will work with you to determine your goals, develop a plan that fulfils them, and execute the renovation on time and within budget.


Donnelly Construction is a premier commercial real estate developer in New Jersey. We provide a full range of development services to a wide variety of clients. We have not only worked on projects as the sole developer, but have also successfully managed those properties over time.

If you are considering commercial real estate development, Donnelly Construction has the expertise to turn your vision into a reality. Whether your project is a retail store, medical facility, mixed-use space, or any other kind of building, we have the know-how to get it done. We manage every phase of the project, from determining your objectives to turning over the key to your new property.


Donnelly Construction is your experienced advocate to ensure your project is completed in the most cost efficient and timely manner.

Whether you are just beginning a construction project or you are in the midst of one that has gotten off track, Donnelly Construction’s highly experienced project managers can help. We are experts in overcoming the challenges presented by demanding timelines and financial constraints.

Our project managers handle all aspects of your job to ensure a successful outcome. We interface with owner’s representatives, engineers, architects, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and all other parties involved to achieve a smooth and productive workflow. We navigate the complexities of environmental and governmental regulations to ensure compliance. In short, we relieve you of handling all the details involved in your project, so you can just focus on your business and look forward to seeing the project completed on time and within budget.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Donnelly Construction and Donnelly Energy are teaming up to provide turnkey electric vehicle charging (EVC) stations and infrastructure solutions to New Jersey customers, as a response to the state’s big goals for expanding EV adoption in an effort to improve air quality and lower carbon emissions.

Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your business may not be as easy as just buying a charging unit. Site surveys and proper planning helps to avoid any future headaches, for both client and contractor!

Learn more about our electric vehicle charging capabilities here.


Our energy division is dedicated to helping New Jersey businesses and local government entities “go green” and save green. With exceptional Direct Install turn-key services and utility resources, it’s our mission to offer the best and most cost-efficient upgrades that help commercial facilities in the Garden State reduce their carbon footprint and overall energy costs.

We’re here to help you and the environment – and make it as easy and affordable to do so as possible!

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