Donnelly Construction takes a holistic and systematic approach to the preconstruction phase to help maximize the value of your time and money.

The traditional approach to preconstruction limits client services to an estimate, a schedule, and a logistics plan. Donnelly Construction’s approach extends these into a system of tools that creates a more holistic and predictable preconstruction process, helping you achieve better results and generate greater value.

Through our preconstruction services, we set our customers up for a successful, cost-efficient project. We organize preliminary meetings to determine the project scope, schedule, and cost, as well as to identify potential issues and analyze cost impacts. Our preconstruction services include budgeting, estimating, evaluations, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, subcontracting, constructability reviews, procurement management, safety analysis, and more. Our staff provides guidance on the selection of materials, building systems, equipment, and methods of project delivery.