A letter to our community,

At Donnelly Construction, our core value has always been "Safety First", and it is a statement that rings true during these unprecedented times. Due to construction sites being allowed to stay open in New Jersey, our labor force will continue to support our clients as needed and in accordance with the governor’s request, we have asked all office staff to work remotely.

With this in mind, unless a customer closes their facility, we will continue to staff each project as needed utilizing our enhanced safety measures.

In the spirit of transparency, here are some of the additional safety procedures that we have asked all of our Donnelly employees to follow for the foreseeable future:

  • Office employees will work from home or on a jobsite as much as possible, limiting their time in the office to a minimum when absolutely necessary.
  • Employees are urged to communicate by phone, e-mail, photo sharing, facetime and text when not able to meet in person.
  • Outside visitors will not be allowed in the office – only Donnelly employees when necessary.
  • All superintendents are asked to continue to promote “Safe Practices” on our jobsites (wear goggles/masks/gloves etc.)
  • New masks and other supplies are constantly on order and will be distributed to our field personnel as necessary when they arrive.
  • Our office will continue to operate every day with the absolute minimum of employees required to perform essential tasks (Accounting/Purchasing/Payroll/Estimating etc.)
  • Remember to please look out for each other’s health and well-being by following these simple tips; stay at home if you feel sick, wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, clean frequently touched surfaces, and practice social distancing.

    In closing, I want to thank everyone for their dedication and support during these difficult times.

    Rod Donnelly
    CEO and Founder